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Office REDOG
Rainmattstrasse 10
PO Box 8263
CH-3001 Bern

Phone +41 31 387 74 80

Postal account | 80-70388-0


Swiss association for search and rescue dogs

Every year 3000 people went missing in Switzerland. They either lost their orientation during a walk, because of mental illnesses, or were hit by health problems during a trip on the mountains. Suddenly, they find themselves in a life-threatening situation in which their survival relays only in the action of rescue dogs. Even in case of an earthquake or an explosion that blows a house off, the dog’s noses are still the most reliable location device.

The Swiss Association for Search and Rescue Dogs (REDOG) has created the Catastrophe Dog Unit and the Search Dog on Site Unit.

Our units can be contacted 24/7 at the emergency contact number 0844 441 144. The search is free of charge for the relatives of the missing person.

This is possible as we are a voluntary organisation which relays on committed and certified members. If your interests are either purely individual or you want to get more information about how to become a volunteer, and if you have further questions or you want to receive more details, please feel free to visit Disposals.

International Training Week 2016

The International Training Week 2016 has started. 200 dog trainers from 13 nations of Asia, North and South America, North Africa and Europe meet in the disaster village in Epeisses, close to Geneva, Switzerland. The exchange of know-how, the joint training and discussion, as well as interesting lectures are intended to enable the participants to optimize their abilities to search for missing and buried people.

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Visitor's Day 25th May 2016: Program (PDF)





23. May 2016 (23:51)

International Training Week - Tag 3

Die Küchenteams sind eingespielt. Bis Ende der Woche werden 5000 Mahlzeiten zubereitet sein, 5000... more

23. May 2016 (23:43)

International Training Week - Tag 2

Schwerer Sturm rund um die Bundesstadt. Die Wetterkapriolen heute wiederspiegelten das Szenario der... more

22. May 2016 (23:41)

International Training Week - Tag 1

Das ganze Wochenende über trudelten sie ein, Hundeführerinnen und Hundeführer aus der ganzen Welt.... more

16. May 2016 (16:48)

Zentralpräsidentin Romaine Kuonen im Gespräch

Romaine Kuonen auf dem Podium an der Delegiertenversammlung 2016
Was es bedeutet, in einem Verein wie REDOG aktiv mitzuwirken und wie wichtig der Einsatz der... more
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